Hemp Flowers

Hemp Flowers AcDc Tsunami.. 1gr


Hemp Flowers DoSiDos, 1gr


Hemp Flowers KUSHADELIC, 1gr


Hemp Flowers Lemon Tree, 1gr


Hemp Flowers ZKITTLEZ, 1gr

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Pioneers of aromatic hemp

Produced under the highest quality standards, from certified hemp seeds and grown under the BIO EU quality seal, free of pesticides, herbicides or GMO substances.

In tuyerba.com we have all the legal documentation for the sale to the public of our products. We collaborate with the best producers in Europe so we work on a final product of the quality expected by our most demanding customers.

Our products are not intended for human consumption, they are not a food, they are not a medicine, nor a therapeutic product. Nor is it intended for human consumption by any other means, whether ingestion, inhalation, vaporization, topical use or aspiration.

Sale prohibited for less than 18 years.

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